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A smothering abyss. Some kind of unification between heavyweights of BRUTUS, Birds, Monami and Astronaut. They offer pitch dark Shaman-hop and are obscure cold. The music delivers a frisking rustle, veiled by an oppressively dark sample-web. Rumours is the fantastic simplicity of two gentlewomen, two gentlemen and their captivating yet smudgy Shaman-resonance.

30,000 Monkies

30,000 Monkies produces riff-oriented rock music riddled with nonsensical lyrics and sludgy guitars, occasionally interrupted by a shred of noise. Their music is inspired by Melvins, Harvey Milk and Sleep as much as by less heavy bands like Flaming Lips and Liars. In 2011 they released their psychedelic firstling, ‘Womb Eater Wife Beater’. Today they display a more direct sound on their second EP, ‘Somewhere Over The Painbow’. In 24 minutes, they blend some musical styles combining noiserock, sludge and a stray ballad.

Crowd of Chairs

Insane pop-noise is a thing. Not an actual thing, but it is the thing Crowd Of Chairs is producing. A mixture of dark guitarwaves, battlefield drums and beastly screams. Headnodding. Footstomping. Fistpumping.


When trying to describe Flemish post-punk, you're obliged to talk about Maze. Their sound comes from somewhere between Holograms and Eagulls and takes it way further. They are back, after a well-deserved one year hiatus and with a new drummer, to bring terror upon all and everything. By playing 4AD, De Kreun, Charlatan and Boomtown, the band already has quite the live experience, but they're planning on something bigger, better and louder.


The kind of music that might sound familiar to those who like Pneu, Black Pus and Harvey Milk. A dynamic sound ranging from hard and primitive to fast and energetic. A white noise drum kit breaking walls down with the support of a driving fucked up bass. A wall of sound swinging between slow, hauntingly slow sledgehammer hits to wringing, dissonant, overwhelming passages. They met in October 2013, seven months later they are heading to the studio for their first EP.


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